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  • Helping Parents With Kids Whose Baby Teeth Need Crowns

    Are you concerned that your child may get teased or bullied if he or she needs silver (stainless steel) crowns for baby teeth? Are you concerned that you will be judged unfavorably by other parents if your child has "silver teeth" due to cavities, even if you did everything right in terms of limiting sugar intake and having your child brush teeth properly?


    If you answered "Yes" to either question then there is a solution for you: white zirconia crowns for baby teeth, and they can be installed anywhere in your child's mouth... including up to all 20 baby teeth!

    Conditions Which Many Parents Do Not Know

    There are many pediatric teeth-related conditions which can cause the need for dental crowns. These can range anywhere from high bacteria situations all the way to the more complex issues such as:

    • enamel hypoplasia treatment
    • amelogenesis imperfecta treatment
    • hypomineralization treatment
    • chalky teeth treatment
    • hypocalcification treatment
    • treatment for similar pediatric dental conditions
    When you have a moment, please watch a few of the videos you see below on this page. Then call Dr. Baghai's office at (972) 674-9966
    His practice can help you and your child reduce the damage from a mouth filled with cavities, and simultaneously reduce the chances of being bullied by other kids due to having a "metal mouth".